No talk about captured ship before aggression on Gaza ends: Al-Houthi.Yemen Officially enters the war

Member of the Supreme Political Council in Yemen, Mohammad Ali al-Houthi, pointed out on Tuesday that the United States and the Israeli occupation cannot bring up the file of the captured Israeli ship Galaxy Leader before ending the killing of Palestinians in Gaza.


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On his account on X, al-Houthi considered that once the United States and “Israel” stop killing Palestinians in Gaza, and enter water, medicine, and food to the besieged Strip, then they can discuss the file of the captured Israeli ship.

Al-Houthi pointed out that the operation that was carried out by the Yemeni navy and resulted in the capturing of the Israeli ship “aligns with the principle of reciprocity.”

He accompanied his post with an image of US President Joe Biden that says “Killer of Premature Babies.”

Earlier, the political bureau member of the Ansar Allah movement in Yemen, Ali al-Qahoum, pointed out on Monday that the capturing of the Israeli ship in the Red Sea by the Yemeni Armed Forces was part of “Yemen’s declared participation in the Al-Aqsa Flood Battle.”

Al-Qahoum confirmed to Al Mayadeen the continuation of the major Yemeni operations with drones and ballistic missiles with ranges of up to 2000 km, adding that the strikes target vital, economic, and military targets belonging to the Zionist entity and that these strikes have achieved their goals.

The Yemeni official said the operation that resulted in the capturing of the Israeli ship “aligns with the principle of reciprocity.”

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