How Burkina Faso continues to win the war against terrorists/Sy Marcus Herve Traore

Burkina Faso – News from the frontline, November 22nd, 2023. There have been coordinated attacks in various parts of our country on the positions of our soldiers. The fightings were very intense on the ground, but our troops were able to repel the western mercenaries. It all started last night when our soldiers spotted an important column of terrorists in the hundreds who were on the move to go and commit their crimes. They first went to settle in a market in a village where they were expecting the new convoy of trucks loaded with goods that go to Djibo. I told you, these western mercenaries receive intel from their bosses in the West, in complicity with other traitors within our army ranks. If not, how can these thugs know the exact time, location and positions of our troops? They necessarily receive intel for their bosses. So, the helicopters went into action to clean up the place. They went after those who tried to escape and finish them off. They recover some materials that are still usable. The French say that there is a “rapid deterioration” of security in the Sahel, despite the fact that, our soldiers are wiping out these western mercenaries. But the facts speak for themselves, because, we are well equipped now, and there’s no single place where our soldiers can’t go, unlike under the previous corrupt governments, the same French prevented us from arming ourselves. Anyway, let the French continue in their propaganda, but we will win this war on terror they imposed on us.


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