Mali – General El Hadj Ag Gamou, appointed the new Governor of Kidal region

Mali – General El Hadj Ag Gamou, the new Governor of Kidal region. The man you see right here, is General El Hadj Ag Gamou, a patriot and a great leader in the Malian armed forces


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@FAMa_DIRPA. If you look at the video I provided, you will see him leading his men in Tessalit back in 2014, among which@GoitaAssimiand Sadio Camara the current defense minister, a great companion of Goïta were there. Tessalit is a rural commune and village in Kidal region. These men have seen it all, and have given their all for their motherland. So, after the liberation of Kidal, Assimi Goïta nominated the General, Governor of Kidal region. FYI, Kidal region is 260,000km2, so, almost the size of Burkina Faso (274,000km2). Remember, I told you that Mali covers 1,241,328km2, so 4.5 times bigger than Burkina Faso. As the governor, the General new mission is to ensure the safety of the people and property, to revive the activities of basic social services (health, education, food and water needs), to restore social harmony, to encourage the return of refugees and IDPs. So, I salute the bravery of such courageous men who put their lives on the line to defend Mali . Goïta knows how to pick the right players just like he chose his close friend Sadio Camara to be the defense minister. Remember, all these men were part of the special forces that the French soldiers prohibited of entering Kidal to finish up the remaining terrorists who fled there. They haven’t forgotten what France did to them. So, Goïta did the right thing by choosing the man who was leading them in Kidal 9 years ago. Patriotism must be the bedrock of every true leader! Well done


and Godspeed General!


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