Soakaway Is A Threat To Your Health!!! Every Home needs a Biodigester!!!!

Soakaway Is A Threat To Your Health!!! Every Home needs a Biodigester!!!! Get a New Life Bio Digester Today. . . Do you have problem with your existing Septic Tank/Soakaway? Do you have to Dislodge/evacuate your septic tank every month because your house is located in a waterlogged area? Are you building a new house or developing properties? Then don’t bother to construct the usual traditional Septic tank/Soakaway….. Bio digester is a modern waste management system that lasts for over 5 years without getting filled. It decomposes and digests faeces very fast and turns toilet from WC system into green water every minute through biological aerobic process caused by the fusion of internally generated gas, chemicals and natural heating elements that are sealed and tightly fixed in the system. Benefits of Biofil Digester over Septic Tank:- It serves you for many years without it get filled up with faeces. 1. No odour and it doesn’t attract flies. 2. No monthly dislodgement of waste which saves you lots of money. 3. It doesn’t get filled. 4. it requires a small space of land. 5. it lasts as long as your house lasts. 6. It is good for Home, Companies,Churches, Institutions, hotels,etc. We works all around Nigeria…. Note: We can convert your Septic tank to biofil digester.


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