Mali ,Burkina Faso and Niger Form new Ecowas

Breaking – Creation of the Alliance of Sahel States Airline. I informed you that from November 23rd to December 1st, 2023, most of the ministers of the ASS will be meeting in Bamako, Mali to draft a common economic plan for us all. This is why General Tiani flew to Bamako to meet @GoitaAssimi (malian Leader)


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and in the afternoon he flew straight to Ouagadougou to see @CapitaineIb226 (Burkinabe Leader)

. You see, this is one of the reasons why I love soldiers, the patriots ones of course, because they don’t waste time, they know what they want, and they get it done fast. So, our brave soldiers just killed two birds with one stone, and left the rest to our ministers to deal with the other stuff they know best. This is leadership! Here are some of the recommendations the ministers came out with after their first session:

1. Accelerating the establishment of the legal-institutional architecture and financing mechanisms of the ASS bodies;

2. Improving the free movement of people in the ASS area;

3. Strengthening the fluidity and security of supply corridors by combating in particular abnormal practices and harassment in the ASS space;

4. Acceleration of the implementation of energy, agricultural, hydraulic projects and programs, road, air, rail and river transport networks in the ASS States;
5. Creation of an airline common to the ASS States; development of hydro-agricultural developments of common interest in the ASS to boost agricultural production (agricultural basins in particular those of the Sourou River, the Niger Office plain, the Lake Basin Chad, etc.);
6. Construction and strengthening of infrastructure projects (dams, rural tracks, roads, pastoral areas, animal vaccination park);
7. Establishment of a common food security system for the three States.
Folks, isn’t this beautiful? Things are happening in our alliance. For more context, Air France on August 7th, 2023 suspended their flights to Mali , and Burkina Faso , claiming it is due to the coup in Niger, but they didn’t give us even a notice in advance.

But the truth is, it is because of Mali and BF joint statement on August 1st, warning that any@ecowas_cedeaomilitary intervention against Niger will be a declaration of war to us all.

That is the real reason. They thought by so doing, we will be the ones suffering. Big mistake, they were wrong. So, after 4 days, the French came back and said that they will resume their operations, but Mali and Burkina Faso said no, not here, you will not resume on August 11th as you were planning to. They thought they could do as they pleased like under previous corrupt governments. So, since then, we banned Air France in the ASS, and they have been losing big time, because, according to the Malian FM, Air France used to make close to $1M per day in Mali alone. So, it is done, Air France is gone for good, and per what I read, they are losing big time, because they make more money in Africa than elsewhere. Anyway, these French thought they could behave like they are in their backyards as before. That Francophone project is over. Folks, there is indeed strength in unity. “Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.” Proverbs 11:14. Long live the ASS! /Sy marcus Herve Traore

On why Republic of Guinea was excluded..the writer says

Bro, Doumbouya’s wife was a Captain of the French Gendarmerie Nationale. The gendarmerie deals with intel, they are like “spies” do you understand? I’m not saying she’s necessarily a spy, but I wouldn’t be surprised is she’s a secret agent of the French secret service DGSE. Add to that the fact that AFRICOM said that they are the ones who trained Doumbouya and other 50k agents who topple down governments. So, it’s really hard to trust this man.

Ecowas population is currently put at 444m the population of Mali,Burkina Faso and Niger is 74.32 million,Ecowas covers 5.2msqkms while the landmass covered by the three is 2.78msqkm.If the trio continue their concentration on agriculture and minerals..the three may be the future migration centres in the near future

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