Security alliance eliminates 63 terrorists and advices Tinubu to fight Bh instead of planning to attack Niger

Burkina Faso


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– News from the frontline, November 26th, 2023. In the Central East region, in the province of Koulpelogo, many terrorists who came to attack a village met their end. 63 western mercenaries have been wiped out, without counting the ones who tried to flee after the drones hit them, but were gunned down by our soldiers on the ground. They gave out the names of 5 heads of terrorist organizations, Abou Bourega, Nourredine, Diao Dibo, Bande Issa Hassane, and Morzinga who came from Ghana to support them. All 5 men were all wanted by our armed forces for their past crimes against innocent civilians. So, Ghana could be harboring terrorists too. So, watch out brothers and sisters in Ghana! I recall that the Malian PM@ChoguelKMaiga said that among the terrorists our soldiers kill, they all come from the countries within @ecowas_cedeao. So, instead of this useless organization called ECOWAS mobilizes its so called “standby forces” to attack Niger, they should use them to track down the western mercenaries who are killing our people on behalf of their sponsors in the West. Boko Haram is still causing havoc in Nigeria

. So, President Tinubu should use ECOWAS standby forces to combat them, not to attack Niger

. Anyway, that Francophone project is already over, and since the day the AES was created, those standby forces have developed cold feet. On this note, any African who will shed African blood

on behalf of the imperialists must be wiped out from the face of the earth. No mercy and no room for traitors! A luta continua!

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