What you have in the AES (New Ecowas) will not last. We will destabilize them.” – French former ambassador to Mali

Breaking – “What you have in the AES will not last. We will destabilize them.” – French former ambassador to Mali . NB: because of semantics and the concerns people have been raising, I’ll just used AES instead of ASS. This past Saturday November 25th, the Malian PM


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was giving his speech at the ministerial session before his colleagues and the other ministers of the Alliance of Sahel States (AES). Here is what he is saying, “Few weeks ago, a report of the French government determines a new cooperation with Africa. It is so well that when you listen to them you see their weaknesses. But nothing has changed. It is the same discourse. Do you know that underneath they are seeking to destabilize our countries? We all saw in the news recently a French secrete service agent who said that it is good that they have now left Niger , they will be able to conduct some operations of destabilization more secretive. It is him who said it. But there is worst than that. Yesterday, Friday November 24th, the former French ambassador to Mali , Nicolas Normand


who is always on social media talking about Mali (I can confirm that) held a meeting at the French National Assembly. Do you know what they tell people? They say that what you have in Mali , in Burkina Faso and in Niger will not last, because, they are working, they will destabilize them. They will push them to kill each other. This is just yesterday, on Friday. And do you know what they did? They gathered together what they called the foreign community to listen to the French officials. But they selected the people who are receptive to their message. Those are the same ones we see on social media who claim that they support the transition (I call them sellouts and traitors, wolves in sheep clothing. Beware of the enemies from within!), they went there. And here is what they told them: we will destabilize them, we are waiting; in fact, we already have people who are working on the ground. This is yesterday, on Friday. Is this not different from the discourse that their senators had on praising us? So, this is how they operate.” Folks, what do you make of this? What must be done? Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard its spots? Again, has Rome changed? No! Rome has never changed! So, therefore, these French have not changed either. A predator will always be a predator. We must deal with it as such. The French have not gotten over the fact that they have lost the Sahel. Like I always say, France is so deceitful and revengeful that they will try to destabilize us. We know their modus operandi.



we need serious actions against France . Everything French must disappear in the AES, their damn colonial currency CFA franc, their language, everything! If not, as long as these elements are still in place, France will always be on our backs

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