Burkina Faso – The battle of Djibo!

Burkina Faso – The battle of Djibo!

A short clip of our brave soldiers holding their ground until reinforcements arrived. In a previous post, the soldier who recorded the corpses said that they also some men, but I don’t know how many. But so far, 1000+ terrorists have been counted dead and they are still collecting their corpses in the bushes. So, our soldiers were never intimidated by the large number of 3000+ western mercenaries who came trying to take over the base and the control of the town. I believe in our soldiers to be well capable of liberating the Sahel. All they needed was logistics, weapons. The West knows that damn well, and this is why they tried to prevent us from arming ourselves. Senior military officers even told us that France was the one who imposed a quota on the number of soldiers we could recruit, and the types of weapons to purchase. Could you believe that? Well, that’s the consequence of not having your own currency. When someone else holds your money bag, what else can you do?. Until the AES gets its own currency, France will still be our oppressor. But thank God, they are dealing with the issue of the currency! These French after killing Thomas Sankara purposely disarmed and weakened our army, same in Mali and Niger , because this terrorism in the Sahel was a well planned project of a new scramble for Africa. They were planning to hit us hard if we refuse to give them our resources. This is why I will repeat it again, the terrorism in the Sahel is another attempt of recolonization. It is as simple as that! Long live the AES! A luta continua!


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