Burkina Faso – “France breeds terrorism in the Sahel.” – PM

B Burkina Faso – “France breeds terrorism in the Sahel.” – PM This past Friday, as he was addressing the state of the nation at the National Assembly, our PM, Mr Apollinaire Kyelem said, “Terrorism in the Sahel has been provoked, mainly by the French Government, against the Sahel States, with the aim of taking direct control of these territories. Until recently, coups against the Transition regime in Burkina were sponsored by the French Government.” Alright, what else do you need as proof that France is a terrorist State? I showed you how a French former ambassador to Mali @normand95244005said that they will destabilize the AES, and two days later, the battle of Djibo took place. Coincidence? Nah! Since last year August, Mali took the matter to the UNSC, asking for an audience to show evidences of how France is equipping and training terrorists in the Sahel. But the imperialists never granted the Malian government‘s request. Do you wanna know why? Because, the whole of Africa would have revolted against France . So, up to now, no response from the UNSC. Any surprise? Not at all, because, the@UNitself is a criminal organization. So, folks, all the 5 attempted coups against@CapitaineIb226in just one year were all sponsored by France . And some people still wonder why Captain is cutting almost all ties with the colonizer. When you are dealing with a country that has killed African Presidents just to maintain her control over the resources of those countries, you don’t play with them. France must get the hell out of Africa, I mean all the imperialists, at least that is what we are already doing in the AES!/Sy Marcus Herve Traore


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