Russia digs in deeper into WA as Nigerien defence minister welcomes Russian delegation

Niger- A Russian delegation at Niamey. On Sunday December 3rd, 2023, the Nigérien Defense Minister, General Salifou Modi welcomed a Russian delegation that will discuss bilateral cooperation between the two countries. And on Monday, the guests were able to meet General Abdourahamane Tiani as you can see in the picture. Mali has already established strong diplomatic relations with Russia, so did Burkina Faso, and now it is Niger that is following suit. So, we can see that the AES has clearly chosen Russiaas its strategic partner. This is the partnership that the West never wanted to see. But who are they to tell us what to do or what not to do? Are we their subjects? The West cannot interfere in Arabs or Asians affairs without any consequences. But they have the audacity or the pretension to want to dictate to us what we must do. Is it because we are weak? You see, this is why we will always be against imperialism. I know because the west did slavery and colonization, they still have contempt towards Africans and think they must tell us what to do. But this paternalism and condescending attitude of western powers towards Africans must be met with strong affirmative action in complete sovereignty, and this is what the AES is doing. Like @GoitaAssimi told France and the other imperialists, they must respect the sovereignty of Mali, the strategic choices of its partners and its best interests. So, no one should come and question these three things. Anyway, because we have chosen to align ourselves with Russia, the West has been trying to demonize us, claiming that we have chosen Wagner. You won’t read a newspaper about terrorism in the Sahel without hearing the name of Wagner. And yet, on countless times, our countries have welcomed high ranking Russian officials. Even Sergei Lavrov was in Maliin February, to show that we are dealing with Russia in a State to State relations. But the fake news media will always claim it is Wagner. Smh! And even if it is Wagner, so what? Is that their problem? Some of the notorious private military contractors are in the West. But they don’t wanna talk about that huh? Hypocrites! Anyway, long live the multipolar world! Down with imperialism! /Sy Marcus Herve Traore


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