“Go and tell your companions what you saw”/Burkinabe soldiers tell spared terrorist

Burkina Faso – “Go and tell your companions what you saw!” Yesterday, I heard something funny that made me laugh out loud, it was the news from the frontline. On Sunday, our army pulverized several terrorists in Moara-Grand in the province of Nayala, but decided to spare only one criminal, so that he could go and tell his friends to lay down their weapons or die burned, In the early evening of December 3, 2023, terrorists came by the dozens to attack the peaceful populations of Bo, 5 km from Biba in the province of Nayala. The assassins also wanted to steal the livestock of the hardworking inhabitants. Alerted, the air vectors monitored them as far as Moara-Grand. At this level, the bandits thought that by hiding under tall trees, the pilots would not see them. Big time mistake! They were violently hit in their hiding places, and many died on the spot, and some equipment has been recovered. Survivors fled through the bush until they were exhausted, then decided to hide again. They were all bombed again by the sky operators, who nevertheless decided to spare the life of a single criminal. His mission is to carry the message of the Burkinabè people and the Fighting Forces to the hordes of terrorists: “There is still time to lay down their weapons, otherwise they will burn in a blazing fire like their comrades.” Anyway,@CapitaineIb226is on the move to reconquer our national territory, and he ain’t playing. A luta continua!
By Sy marcus Herve Traore


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