We must choose either champagne for a few or safe drinking water for all.

Burkina Faso – Beware of your actions, History shall judge you! Thomas Sankara was the one who said and I quote, “ We must choose either champagne for a few or safe drinking water for all.” But, this dude right here had already made his choice . Man, Paul Henry Sandaogo Damiba was terrible. I already wrote about some ugly things he did, so I won’t repeat myself. This picture was taken right after he became President, and when he saw that his picture was on the internet, he had a clash with the journalist who took this picture of him holding his glass of champagne . He knew that we were going to criticize him for this. Folks, behold the man who increased his salary and those of his ministers and parliamentarians amid security concerns. The country was dominated by terrorists, with more than 1.5M IDPs, and all he cared about was to increase his salary?. Sorry, if I’m laughing too much, because I still find this funny. He said they came because President Roch Marc Christian Kabore was not doing better in combatting terrorism. But then, after he tasted the sweetness of the presidential chair, he betrayed his oath and his companions who were patriots. The man aligned himself with Ouattara, and we know that anyone who sides with the most trusted French puppet in West Africa is de facto a traitor. Captain Ibrahim Traore was sent to Ouagadougou to warn him that he was deviating from their course of action, he wouldn’t listen. Worst, when the masses demonstrated and asked him to go to Russia so that we can get the weapons to defend ourselves, Damiba insulted us by saying and I quote, ““If people think that it is the Chinese, the Russians, the Vietnamese who are going to come and save us, these are false debates; if it’s our country, it’s us first.” You see, no one ever said that Russia or China are going to save us, but these countries were willing to supply us with weapons unlike the West. France was already intentionally preventing her puppet President Kabore from getting weapons, and Damiba knowing all that, didn’t care either, provided he gets his pockets full, and as for the people, they can die. Smh! Notice that Damiba didn’t mention the French, but he intentionally called out the names of the countries where we wanted him to go. He even added Vietnam, what the hell?. It means that, he had already chosen his side: France . The former French ambassador to BF, Luc Hallade was arrogant and said unpleasant things to our people, we demonstrated on the street asking for his expulsion, Damiba refused. Folks, when I think that Damiba even became President of Burkina Faso for 8 months, I am ashamed, because, in my view, after traitor Blaise Compaoré, he is the most disgraceful and shameless person who ever ruled us. When Captain overthrew him, and he fled to Togo, do you know what this disgraceful man said in a short video he made to address the nation? He said that he decided to concede power to avoid a bloodbath, but he asked the government not to sue him, and that all his privileges as a former President should be respected and granted to him. Can you believe this? All this man cared about was money, not our people who were dying. That was never his concern. In any case, I think Damiba was being delusional if he thought he was going to resist the coup Ibrahim was leading against him, because the crowd that was out on the streets to welcome the coup was really immense. There was already a movement called “Damiba must go”, so it really facilitated the takeover. Even when there were allegations that he fled to hide in the French base at the time, the masses were calling on the military to lead the way so that they can go and fetch him . So, he had no chance of remaining in power. Anyway, I’m glad this sellout was removed and now, what is happening on the frontline is very satisfactory./Sy Marcus Herve Traore


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