Ecowas meeting: Western countries always attend our meetings we ever attend theirs?/Sy Marcus Herve Traore

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@sergedanielinfo and yes, the lady is Mary Catherine Phee, the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs. She arrived in Abuja for @ecowas_cedeao tomorrow’s summit. So, I have questions and no hard feelings: who is ECOWAS Secretary for American Affairs? Who is@_AfricanUnion secretary for American Affairs? If you are an African, do we even have such a role in our governments or institutions that deals with these issues? I looked but I couldn’t find any. The imperialists, U.S. & EU have these functions and they come to our meetings, but I am yet to see an African who will be attending U.S. Congress or EU summits on behalf of his country. You will never find that anywhere. I showed before a video of the Malian FM@AbdoulayeDiop8 complaining about this, where he was asking why is it that the imperialists are always attending our meetings, but when we ask them to invite us too, they always respond by saying that it is not in the agenda. Oh Africa, why are we behaving like this? The day ECOWAS imposed their evil sanctions on Niger, that is July 30th, there were representatives of imperialists in attendance. They were there to ensure that this corrupt institution does what they are told to do. Do you see why it is very dangerous to take imperialist funds? They will feel like they have the right to be in our meetings. And some people are surprised why our own institutions are working against us. After all, decision follows the dollar as my good Professor of Policy Analysis used to tell us. I think many Africans don’t really understand America’s way of thinking. For Uncle Sam, if you take his money, you gotta do what he says, simple. Some of you may not know this story, but Americans do, when a former Ukrainian prosecutor General Viktor Shokin was investigating Burisma Holdings for corruption where Hunter Biden (Joe Biden’s son) was working on the board, President Biden who was VP at the time went to Ukraineand told the government officials that if they don’t fire that prosecutor, the $1B in U.S. loan guarantee that they were supposed to receive will not be granted. Guess what, they fired that prosecutor within a few hours, and there is a video where Biden was even bragging about how his got him fired. He even called him son of a b*tch. Anyway, why I am saying all this? The U.S. or anyone else who grants you money will always use it as leverage. This is why it is very indispensable that our own institutions and organizations self finance themselves. I am glad that the Alliance of Sahel States is fully funded by Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger without any foreign donors. And the Malian PM said that in the AES, no foreigners will be able to come and tell them what to do with their money nor attend their meetings. So, Africa needs to stop inviting imperialists to our meetings. The day an African will be attending a EU summit or U.S. Congress on behalf of Africa, then on that day, we should allow them into our midst. Until then, we must stop this nonsense!

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