Tinubu calls AES a push back alliance diverting attention from good governance

The AES is a phantom, push back alliance.” Bola Tinubu. At the 64th ECOWAS summit, President Tinubu said that the Alliance of Sahel States is a phantom, push back alliance


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. Here is the full quote you can find on

@ecowas_cedeao page, “This phantom, push back-alliance appears intended to divert attention from our mutual quest for democracy and good governance. We refuse to be detracted from pursuing the collective dreams of ECOWAS integration as laid out in our institutional and legal frameworks.” What democracy is this man even talking about?


@RainyFoxMedia you brought up an interesting point in this Sunday’s Space we were having, about what the meaning of democracy the West has for Africa. It is not the same democracy they have that they want for Africa. In fact, western view on democracy for Africa is only about holding elections that they can easily rig or manipulate, and also to elect puppet leaders that they can control. This is the meaning of democracy they have for us. When I consider how former Presidents

@rochkaborepf and

@mohamedbazoum were elected, can we really call that a democracy? In fact, Kabore distributed money to the terrorists so that they could stop their attacks in order for him to hold the elections for his second term, which he won with less than 1.75M people out of population of 23M people. Bazoum also won the election with 2.5M votes out of a population of 25M people. Are these elections representative of our people? Is this the democracy France

and the EU have been urging us to have? You see, because of terrorism, most of the populations in the remote areas couldn’t vote. But somehow, this is what the west has been calling for. I can recall how France through the voices of her arrogant leaders have been calling for Malians and Burkinabè to hold elections, because they know this is the only legitimate way for them to rob us from having good leaders. I promise you that any patriot who runs for election and who is openly an anti imperialist will never win any election in the current state of affairs in Francophone countries. I can guarantee you that. Anyway, Mr President

@officialABAT with all due respect, you are not in good standing to qualify our new alliance of being a phantom push back alliance. Your own people in Nigeria contested your election, not to even mention the scandals you had in the past and that are now surfacing. ECOWAS is a corrupt and a subsidiary of western lobbyists. So, please leave the AES alone, and concentrate your efforts to tackle terrorism in your own country,, because Boko Haram has been killing our innocent people in Nigeria

. Even your own army committed a carnage last week in Kaduna in an erroneous drone strike killing over a 100 unarmed civilians. This shows the level of incompetence within your own government. One of your own predecessors, President Olusegun Obasanjo said, “Western democracy no dey work for Africa.” So, please, leave us alone to do our own thing, because, if we have to leave this useless org called ECOWAS, we will, as our leaders are saying. So, we don’t really care about what you think about our alliance, but I needed to reply to such a contempt coming from your own mouth.

/Sy marcus Herve Traore

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