Reno Omokri is making Nigerians look like fools for attempting audacious state budgets

Responding to this man is irritating since his knowledge of economics is low.What is our GDP …over $400b…that means economic activity is over $10b / much is Abia a commerce hot bed even budgeting. Any serious state in Nigeria is capable of 3 times its current budget
We spent N12t annually on poultry…we have become one state cannot set up the achievable target of additional N4t since fowls mature at 12 weeks?
Maybe he doesn’t know that if SS states can partner with Pvt IPPs..the gains in revenue from a nationwide market will be in that a trailer of diesel is over N33m per truck
Just google the number of Billions the MC oluomos of Lagos swallow as area much we spend on wheat import..supposing Zullum is able to keep Bh in check and farm for one year.
Niger just repositioned its uranium sales and today its the fastest growing economy in Africa.


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