Sy Traore defends Burkinabe revolution on charges of ethnic cleansing

Burkina Faso – Down with traitors and imperialist’s mouthpieces. You see this man, he is a journalist by profession and his name is Ahmed Newton Barry. Here is a quote of a message he wrote on his Facebook page referring to how our soldiers wiped out hundreds of terrorists yesterday,


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“The most worrying! On this December 14, we must look closely at the unspeakable that has happened these days in Soum. It’s not because you fight the monster that you have to be a monster yourself! The war will pass. What will be the aftermath of the war for those who believe they are untouchable Today? You have to take the time to watch the films.”

So, for this man, we shouldn’t kill the terrorists, but we should let them kill innocent people huh? Folks, this man was the President of the Electoral Commission in 2020, with whom former President Roch Marc Christian Kabore struck a deal with the terrorists, so they could hold the elections for his second term.

They paid the terrorists billions so that they will not conduct any attacks and disturb the election process. But today, this damn politician is criticizing vehemently the government of

@CapitaineIb226. In fact, last month, he was on the French fake news media @FRANCE24 and said openly that Captain is violating human rights and that he is more concerned about securing his power, that he even brought some Russian mercenaries called Wagner to protect himself.

In spite of all the endless evidence we showed that our countries, the AES is working in perfect symbiosis with the Russian federation, the naysayers will always repeat what western propaganda has been putting out there.

I’m not saying this as if we even care what the West thinks of us, but it is unfortunate that own people are selling us out to France and the imperialists. I don’t know if Ahmed Newton Barry is sympathizing with the terrorists because, most of them are Fulani like himself, but this is unacceptable.

If it is not because our justice system is so corrupt, there should be an international arrest warrant against him, even if he’s now living in France, and he should be prosecuted along President Kabore for high treason.

For his criticism of govt,,,Mr Newton Barry has faced threats the Burkinabe government arrested the person threatening bhim


Burkina Faso Arrests Man After Death Threat to Top Journalist

FILE - Journalist Newton Ahmed Barry is seen at a press conference in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, July 25, 2016.
FILE – Journalist Newton Ahmed Barry is seen at a press conference in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, July 25, 2016.


Cybercrime police have arrested a man suspected of making death threats on social media against one of Burkina Faso’s leading journalists, authorities said.

Last month, a 35-year-old trader issued “defamatory threats, inciting violence against the person of Mr. Newton Ahmed Barry, as well as the destruction of his private goods,” the cybercrime brigade said in a statement Monday.

“Go and burn his house, raze his home completely, gather up the sand that’s left and leave the land empty,” a voice says in the recording first aired on WhatsApp.

The journalist is called a “terrorist” “who does not deserve to live.”

The police statement said the suspect had admitted to making the recording.

It was unclear why the death threats were made against Barry, a star state television reporter in the 1980s and former editor-in-chief of an investigative publication.

However, he risked the wrath of pro-Russian forces last May when he criticized on a private television channel the government’s deal to bring in Russian mercenaries to help tackle the jihadist insurgency.

Barry quit as a television presenter after the 1998 murder of investigative journalist Norbert Zongo and three of his colleagues, found riddled with bullets in a burned-out car.

Barry had heavily criticized the regime of President Blaise Compaore.

He was appointed to head Burkina’s Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) after the president’s downfall in 2014 but resigned last year. He turned his critical eye back on the country and government, enjoying a strong following on social media.

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