As civil unrests begin again,Will Cote d’Ivoire join the 3 musketeers of francophone WA in future?

Breaking Côte d’Ivoire – The despot of Abidjan always has his way! Yesterday, as militants of the main opposition party called PDCI-RDA tried to hold their meeting,@AOuattara_PRCI sent in his men to harass them. The new leader of the party is the renowned former CEO of Credit Suisse, Tidjane Thiam who took over the leadership after the death of Henry Konan Bedié, death that left many thinking, because the same Ouattara refused that an autopsy should be done on his corpse. If Ouattara doesn’t reproach himself anything like he killed many prominent politicians before, why did he prevent the family of Bedié of having an autopsy? Anyway, that’s not my main point. But one thing is sure, Ouattara is a criminal, because you already know how he came into power, with the blood of over 3000 Ivorians on his hands. Ouattara ordered the court to suspend the party’s elective congress. It tells you the kind of person we are dealing with.. And yet, this useless org called @ecowas_cedeao is nowhere to found when it comes to issues like these. But they run their big mouths on Niger , calling for the release of Bazoum. So, Ouattara dismissed these people, meanwhile, he is seen later on celebrating the birthday of his wife. Smh!


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