Will Tinubu make a mistake on the Ambazonian cause like Buhari?

When Ambazonians attacked Cross River.I said Tinubu should not make Buhari’s mistake of acting without proper consultation.We have a dog in this fight..but we must be cautious..France has been deeply wounded by AES states and is ready to play pranks/BA


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Another view
See how their picture looks very dull in such a way that, no one can recognize who are those in the picture. This is a bad habit by criminals. Choh Ayaba no doubts, everyone knows that, he,s a contractor to French Cameroun. Ambazonians are still struggling to fully actualize their country and have a seat in the UN general secretariat, how can they be prematurely creating alliances with groups when their position is not yet firm? That’s the work of French cameroun using this criminals to create an unnecessary antagonism between Ambazonia and the federal Republic of Nigeria. The good people of Nigeria, don’t listen to all this concoctions formulated by French cameroun through her proxy agent Ayaba Choh.

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