PH Refinery:A deceit to leave the populace in ecstasy./Umar Sani

THE PH REFINERY The media as well as social media is awash with the news that the 210,000 bpd capacity Ph refinery is back on stream and that in line with the renewed hope agenda, a promise made is a promise kept. Government apologists are hallucinating that very soon refined oil will be readily available for commercial consumption by Nigerians and even for export to generate foreign earnings. Certainly, it will have been a New Year bonanza for Nigerians to realize that a refinery that was almost comatose is now back to life. However having listened to the news and grasps the extent of work done, I believe it is not yet Uhuru. According to Channelstv news, the Phrefinery is two refineries in one. The first is a 60,000 bpd capacity refining plant and the other is a 150,000 bpd capacity refining plant. Both contracts were awarded under Engineering, Procurement, and Construction on the one hand and installation and commissioning on the other. So far according to Channelstv, only the 60,000 bpd capacity plant has started functioning. Overall they termed the completion as mechanical which means the refinery is yet to be ready to commence full operations. In my layman’s opinion though influenced by a professional opinion the flare was only tested, but the plant is yet to be commissioned. What is currently ongoing for the first plant are pre-commissioning activities, while the second plant is at a lower percentage completion stage.


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The whole idea is just to give Nigerians a feeling that they have kept to their promise of a December deadline to keep the plant running and leave the populace in ecstasy.


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