Benin Republic is feeling the sanctions more than Niger/Sy Marcus Herve Traore

Update These pictures are recently taken of how ports of Benin look like. This is a place that was full with ships carrying imports and exports mostly from Niger and a few transporters from Burkina Faso


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. He foolishly followed ECOWAS by closing his borders, and now Beninese are wondering whether they are the ones under sanctions or Nigériens lol. How terrible! Folks, look at this nonsense! His own people’s livelihoods all gone, because of stupidity. And now, he is saying, “we want to restore relations with countries under coups d’état” lol. Did he even need to mention “countries under coups”? Lol. Then they come to shout from rooftops, “oh you must respect our democracy! Democracy, democracy, democracy!” What the hell? What democracy? Running elections that they can easily rig and steal in order to elect puppet leaders they can control is what they call democracy, nothing else. It’s their so called democracy that destroyed Iraq, Syria and especially Libya

. Nah! We don’t want that democracy. Anyway, we will go to Lomé, Togo

for imports and exports! Let him keep his “democracy”!

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