Two African migrants killed while fighting on Israeli side identified

Staff Sgt Aschalwu Sama(Left) (20) and Staff Sgt Birhanu Kassie (Right) (20), died in vain, fighting a genocidal war for a nation that has never recognised them as one of its own. In the case of Sama, State religious school system officials cast doubtover his Jewishness, at the age of six-year-old, when he entered Occupied Palestine as an immigrant from Ethiopia. Fourteen years after, the boy who had been forced to wait for a school to accept him just because of his ethnic origins, was killed fighting for the Israelis.
Would he not have been better off staying in Ethiopia, where he will not be treated differently from other, and would probably be alive today. Sama was the 1st African soldier to die in the course of the genocidal war. Kassie, who died on Friday, is the 2nd to have fallen./Cecildb


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Stf Sgt Sama

Stf Sgt Kassie

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