Taliban modelled ISWAP is decimating BH in Sambisa/Zagazola

For the past one month, intensified infighting has been going on between Boko Haram and ISWAP elements in Sambisa Forest and the Shores of Lake Chad. The deteriorating occurrences of events within both factions have led to the killing of hundreds of fighters on both sides. It was gathered that the Boko Haram group in Sambisa Forest was badly depleted and lacked manpower and material capacity as most of their commanders surrendered to the Nigerian forces. Those who intend to return after surrendering also risked being eliminated by the group as they considered them as spies. In this video, Boko Haram invaded ISWAP position in Gaizuwa, Sambisa Forest after ISWAP had flown out. Gaizuwa was a former enclave of Boko Haram located a few kilometers to Bama LGA, but ISWAP took over the camp after defeating the Boko Haram group led by Alhaji Air Hajja Fusambe According to information, Boko Haram has only two hilux and few motorcycles in the entire Sambisa Forest, hidden around Sabil Huda, making them vulnerable to the ISWAP faction. The days ahead will be very interesting.


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