For refusing to alert AU of ethnic killings in Nigeria,Dr Matsanga calls out Amb Adeoye

SECURITY IN NIGERIA:The AUC H.E. Amb. Bankole Adeoye for PAPS from Nigeria has GONE SILENT & refused to ALERT the AU & the world that THINGS HAVE FALLEN APART in Nigeria .Hundreds of innocent citizens are being KILLED by Fulani Herdsmen armed by terror groups-LET US CALL HIM OUT


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If most Africans are silent on the killings of innocent people in Nigeria , I am not Nigerian but an African and I WILL SPEAK OUT- NIGERIA is now a SLAUGHTER HOUSE OF AFRICA .What is going on is EQUIVALENT to the RWANDA GENOCIDE where the SAME AU,EU,UN,watched while Blood flows

/David Matsanga

Dr Matsanga is an Internationally recognised investigative Journalist from Uganda

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