Mozambican member of intercontinental political union shares experience

Hi members of the ACUP family, my name is Micas Zandamela from Mozambique. Thank you Mr Chairman for creating this group, it’s reaching many people so far.


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Many import topics were raised here in the group. Most importantly it was mentioned so many times that Africa must adopt its own vision to address African Problems like Education, Democracy in its various versions, Economy, Natural resources, etc. However, these topics and so many others are as old as the Independent African countries is concerned.
If they keep coming it’s because they weren’t really dealt with the way they deserve.
I suggest and encourage able people in this group to write articles about these topics not just tell us what Africa must do.
Mr Chairman, I request that you share with us the ACUP Constitution if there is any.
I encourage that we use English for now as a language of communication, Africa is Diversified. We will think of Kiswahili in a right forum. Give us your vision, the strategic plan of how to implement that vision @⁨~Anna D⁩ I challenge you to writing an article about it. Anyone who is thinking of something from now you better put it in something readable that we can revisit any time in future.
These are my few recommendations for now.
Thanks for your attention.

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