Morocco offers sea port access to AES states,security expert calls for caution

Morocco – AES invited for an access to the Atlantic Ocean, is that it? We all learned and saw that the foreign ministers of AES were in Morocco upon an invitation of king Mohammed VI, whom we are told would like to grant us access to the Atlantic Ocean. But is that really the intention of Morocco in doing so? Do they really want to help us? I don’t think so. Morocco has ulterior motives and I’ll tell you why. First of all, let me indicate to you that none of the AES members share a common border with Morocco, alright? If we want access to that ocean, we still have to cross Mauritania or Algeria . If you are not familiar with our continent, look at a map and you’ll understand what I’m saying. So, for me, I find this approach an utopia. Secondly, are you telling me that since Morocco exists, it’s now that they realize that they have to help the landlocked countries that we are to have access to the sea? Really? Something is not adding up, and I’m not falling for this. Must I remind you that in 1987, Morocco even wanted to be part of the European communities, the precursor of the EU, and their application was rejected, because Morocco is not considered as an European country. So, these people still think of themselves closer to Arabs and Europeans because of their skin color. Thirdly, since gaining their independences, Morocco and Algeria have had many crises including, their sand war which was a border conflict between the two countries that lasted from September 25, 1963 to October 30, 1963. Their western Sahara war lasted from 1975 to 1991, and they have their border closure, which is a conflict where the border between the two countries was closed in 1994, but traveling and trading are still permitted by air or sea. Moreover, the political status of Western Sahara which is a former Spanish colony is still keeping these two countries in a strong disagreement. Add to this, the fact that in 2021, Algeria broke off diplomatic ties with Morocco over what it said were “hostile actions” involving support for a separatist Berber group. So, folks, Morocco and Algeria are not in good terms. And look at the timing, Morocco invites us at the moment when Algeria decided to call some of the heads of terrorists of Azawad, knowing that this will cause a serious problem with Mali . Was that coincidental? Not at all. Morocco is just trying to use the AES to its advantage, at the moment Algeria is meddling into our internal affairs. Do you see it now? This is why I said that, I’m falling for this


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and General Tiani, we cannot fall for this trick. How would Morocco give us access to the Atlantic Ocean when we still have to cross Mauritania or Algeria ? To be of my knowledge, Mauritania has granted Mali access to their Nouakchott port. So, why did you run to Morocco ? Please, it’s true that you were invited, but I don’t like when we allow ourselves to be so easily manipulated. So, please dear leaders of AES, I’d rather have us use the ports of Cotonou in Benin even if


behaved foolishly in imposing


stupid sanctions on Niger , and finally came back to his senses. We still have the ports of Lomé, in Togo and Guinea has never closed its borders to us. So, let’s stick with our brothers instead of vying for an adventure that is not worth it. Choose for yourselves better policy advisors because, this attitude of Africans running to anyone who calls for us doesn’t honor us../Sy Marcus Herve Traore


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