2021:Boko Haram, bandits are northern freedom fighters: Adamu Garba

Former presidential aspirant and northern commentator Adamu Garba took to social media to air his grievances on how Nigerians view controversial personalities from different parts of Nigeria.


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Mr. Garba’s described people of southern Nigeria as hypocrites, saying they have always been reluctant to condemn criminalities when carried out by people of their region; as against how they display outrage when perpetrators are northerners. 

“It seems to me that we have the gift of status, position, respect, and money for those killing and destroying in the South, while we have bombs and bullets for those doing the same thing in the North,” Mr. Garba said. “You see the hypocrisy in administering the conflict resolution in Nigeria?” 
In his Twitter thread, Mr. Garba likened the actions of the bandits in the North — the kidnapping of children, sacking of villages and wanton killings — to the actions of  Ralph Uwazuruike and Nnamdi Kanu, both of whom he claimed have been rewarded with political positions, government contracts and considered as heroes in their South-East region. 

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