Plateau killing:The Govt is changing the narrative from Ethnic cleansing to struggle over minerals/Pwajok Jane

They really sold the “It’s because of Tin mining” to you all and you bought it? So the killings in 8 Local Governments in Plateau State is because of Tin Mining? The killings in Southern Kaduna too was Tin mining? The killings in Benue is tin mining? Then the Army really stormed the location to arrest 8 youths and accused them of the crimes. So youths in a community will kill their own Reverend and their own parents? On Christmas Eve? The youths will behead their own people, set their own barns ablaze, kill children, babies, old people? The Security men did not know their way to these villages while the attacks were happening? It’s 12 days after hundreds are killed that you show up and arrest 8 youths? The Middle Belt is really under a bigger siege than we’ve been painting to the world./Pwajok Jane


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