Edu made a mistake and criminals are calling for her head,internet group raises alarm

A civil alliance group, Nigeria Network, has expressed its displeasure over the alleged hostile behaviour of certain individuals who were said to have threatened to engage in a contentious dispute with the minister of humanitarian affairs and poverty alleviation, Betta Edu


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There has been a controversy over an alleged transfer of N545m by Edu into a private account. This development led President Bola Tinubu to order a thorough investigation into the allegation.

In a statement signed by Comrade Gabriel Ehindero on behalf of the group, it said that the recent allegations against the minister lacked credibility and reflected a coordinated attempt by certain individuals to smear her reputation by mounting media pressure on the president over the allegation.

It said: “The young lady in question, who has been diligently working across the nation, has been unfairly targeted by a group of criminals who seek to undermine her significant contributions. Comrade Ehindero implores President Tinubu to ignore those forces calling for Edu’d removal and allow proper investigation into the matter.
“There are mixing issues, and it is obvious that some people are ready to fight dirty to stain the innocent ones. Before now, we all supported President Tinubu for this government and wonderfully, he has been doing well, irrespective of some challenges facing the country right now. Dr. Betta Edu is a worthy Nigerian who can ensure truth and transparency,” said the statement.

“This group continues to stand by Edu. She has been a wonderful person, and we vow for her that Dr. Edu would never engage in anything that could hinder the progress of President Tinubu’s administration. Therefore, we urge President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to not allow some fake servants to soil the reputation of this prosperous young lady who can ensure progress in the current administration.”

“In light of recent events, we hereby implore the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to continue conducting a thorough investigation into the matter at hand, ensuring that those found responsible for the false allegations are held accountable. Dr Edu, before she was appointed minister, possessed an outstanding record, having garnered the trust of the youth as a reliable figure for their future. It is therefore imperative that justice is served to not only clear her name but to also promote accountability and transparency in our society.”

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