Cease complaining and instead encourage your youths to defend their communities/IPOB tells Middle Belt

In the #IPOB, we take pride in adhering to a strict code of conduct when it comes to our media personnel. Our leadership (@real_IpobDOS) has a standing instruction that we should never make allegations against anyone or government agencies unless we are certain of the facts. This principle has guided us and even those who initially disagreed with us have come to see the truth in our claims when they have experienced similar injustices firsthand. For years, our leader,@MaziNnamdiKanu, has been vocal about the involvement of the@HQNigerianArmy in enabling ethnic cleansing through the use of Fulani Muslim jihadists. We have also highlighted the recruitment of these so-called repentant jihadists into the military, all of which we have substantiated with evidence. Recently, #VeryDarkMan recounted how the @HQNigerianArmy colluded with Fulani Muslim jihadists in the #PlateauMassacre. Astonishingly, the@HQNigerianArmy has now deployed these recruited jihadist forces to intimidate Very Dark Man. Do we still need to convince the world that IPOB has consistently been right? Do we still need to persuade the world that the ethnic cleansing against Christian Northerners, Hausa Muslims, Middle Belt, and Southerners is a government-backed project? The formation of the #ESN was a necessary response to curtail the excesses of Fulani Muslim jihadists in #Biafraland, and it continues to serve this purpose. To the people of the Middle Belt, we urge you to cease complaining and instead encourage your youths to defend their communities. Do not just evacuate the Fulani Muslim jihadists from your communities, as they may return. Instead, send them to God for judgment. While you do not have the power to forgive, only God can, you can expedite their journey to face divine justice by providing them with a transport fare, in this case, match them ON with equal measure. Very Dark man Must be protected.


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IPOB Liverpool Central 08/01/2024

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