We do not kill Fulanis for fun,they are recruited by France as terrorists in Burkina Faso/Sy Marcus Herve Traore

Burkina Faso – A few terrorists taken captive. In a previous video, I saw people agitated when I said the idiot who said they were going to kill


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is a Fulani. FYI, look at a map of Burkina Faso , the whole northern region of the country that we call Sahel region is at least 90% Fulanis. And guess what, that’s where we have more terrorists, and most of them are Fulanis. Of course, there are other tribes and even nationalities involved, but you can clearly see that these Fulanis are easily manipulated. If you watch my videos about the frontline, and some of the dead bodies that I used to share, it’s mostly them. This is not about categorizing people or ethnicity, but it’s a fact. I remember the French fake news media tried to play the ethnicity card by saying that Captain is using mostly Mossi people in our army, the most dominant tribe in Burkina Faso to kill Fulanis. But that’s not true. Ibrahim Traore himself is not a Mossi, and our army is representative of all tribes. But when you are dealing with terrorism hydra and it’s mostly a particular tribe that the French and the imperialists usually recruit, what do they expect us to do? To sit down and watch them? Hell no! But, not all Fulanis are terrorists, let’s be clear about that! But it’s them that the imperialists recruit the most, maybe because their areas are so poverty stricken that they prefer to join the ranks of the enemy. But this is not an excuse, because, Fulanis are usually herdsmen, they have cattle and therefore, wealth. Anyway, it’s sad that there are children among them, and I don’t like when they videotape them. But one thing is sure, once they are caught like this, they can’t be killed. They will be sent for rehab.

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