Insecurity: Pantami accuses security agencies of not using NIN-SIM policy to track criminals

NIN-SIM policy has been working. However, the relevant institutions fighting criminality are to be requested to ensure they utilise it effectively when a crime is committed,” Pantami wrote.


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He stated: “Lack of utilising it is the main problem, not the policy. While in office, I know of three instances where the policy was utilised, and it led to the success of their operations.

On the lack of utilisation, I am more worried than anyone, as my life was threatened by criminals for reintroducing it, including on BBC Hausa and national dailies; I resisted and ensured its implementation.

“If it is not being utilised by the relevant institutions in charge of securing lives and property, then I am more frustrated than any person, as I sacrificed my life and ignored all the threats to life.

“This is just a point out of 100 on the policy. May the Almighty rescue all the kidnapped and bring absolute peace and stability to Nigeria, and may He (SWT) continue to guide our leaders and help them always in discharging their responsibilities.”

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