China is “determined to dominate” the electric vehicle market but insisted I “won’t let it happen.”/Biden


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United States President Joe Biden said on Wednesday that China is “determined to dominate” the electric vehicle market but insisted he “won’t let it happen.”

Speaking at a United Auto Workers (UAW) union event in Washington DC, Biden claimed that the previous administration led by Donald Trump would have been happy to let China take all jobs but that he was not going to let that happen and that that’s why he drafted the Chips and Science Act.

Meanwhile, UAW President Shawn Fain announced during the same event that the union is endorsing Biden for president of the US.

Electric vehicles run on Lithium based batteries and “With 5% of the world’s lithium ore reserves, Africa still holds enormous potential, most of which is untapped. Currently only Zimbabwe and Namibia export lithium ore, while projects in nations such as Congo, Mali, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda and Ethiopia are under exploration or development.

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