Fulani nationalist movement threatens Nigeria in a press release

My middle belt people, read Statement by Fulani Nationalist Movement, (FUNAM) on National Issues


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1) On the Arrest of Fulani leader and our Last Warnings We hereby reintegrate our demand for the immediate release of the President,Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, Bello Bodejo Release Bodejo or the Government will have itself to blame. We hereby give 72 hours notice Failure to release him, the Nigerian Government will hear from us.

2) Post election imminent crisis: We have deliberately been silent for obvious reasons chief of which was the intervention of our elders before the 2023 elections. Unfortunately, the elders gave us false promises that they would hand over the Presidential seat to someone who can protect the Fulani interest, but they never did. Even after the February election, we were assured that power will not be shifted, but they have done that which they promised never to do. We are aware of the efforts, but the anti Fulano forces prevailed.

3) Inevitable Jihad It is now obvious we have no other option than to relaunch our campaign which we have started in earnest Henceforth, the Nigerian Government will hear from us in a every town, every village, every city, every community in the South and Middle Belt. Our campaign will be swift and decisive and nobody will be able to help Nigeria. The Fulani can never have a country where they are second class citizens. That is unacceptable.

4)The arrest of any Fulani man in connection with the Jihad is a crime against our collective interest. We warn the Nigerian Government not to make the mistake of arresting any Fulani leader or person,never again. We are watching the actions of the Government in relation to the explosion in Ibadan. If any Fulani man is arrested, be assured that our responses will be total, ruthless and immediate

5) We call on all our Fulani brothers take the war into the enemy territory, in Plateau,Enugu,Lagos,Ibadan, Port Harcourt,Makurdi until the infidel Governments are brought down. Our current effort in Plateau will not cease until the infidels are suppressed and the Jihad glad installed in every part of Nigeria to the glory of our Father, Uthman Dan Fodio. Expect more bombings in every public places across the South,Middle Belt and Abuja from the month of February, 2024

6) We call on non Fulani people to vacate Pleateau,Kaduna and Benue States if they are not ready to live under the inevitable Jihad which will eventually be all over Nigeria..

Signed Umar Amir Shehu Badu Salisu Ahmadu January 24, 2024 Pls post to other platforms and pray, there is danger ahead #copied

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