2018: Fulani nationalist movement threatens the nation

Translation of pamphlet issued in Arabic and distributed in selected Mosques in Northern Nigeria by Fulani Nationalist Movement, FUNAM dated November 06, 2018.(sic)


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The battle is getting closer. We call on all, true Muslims, this is the time to act. This is the time for the second Holy war. We started in 1804. The British stopped us. We must regain the territories lost. It is against Islam to rotate power with infidels. Forget about elections that will only lead to the sharing of power. Think of the Kingdom that we shall rule for ever. We can change the naughty history. Usman Dan Fodio did it successfully. We can do it. We must take the enemies in the West, Central and the East by surprise. That is the plot. Disperse and occupy their homes, occupy their streets, occupy their forests, occupy their schools, their markets and act spies. You will suffer in this, rain and shit will pour on you,but heaven will honour you after the inevitable battles. Our attacks on the infidels must be total and overwhelming. We must begin by instilling fear on them,weaken their resolve through kidnaps,brutal rapes,making it difficult for them to farm and subdue them before the war. Our strategy involves learning from the tactics of the past and merge with the wisdom of the moment.

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