Nuclear energy is the most suitable to initiate development”-Expert tells Burkina Faso

“Nuclear energy is the most suitable to initiate development”-Expert. Deputy Director and Head of Nuclear Energy Department of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Mikhail Chudakov on Tuesday invited the Burkinabe to demystify nuclear power, a clean, safe energy that is more appropriate for initiating the country’s development. “The question of the myth surrounding nuclear power is especially for people who do not have nuclear culture, who are not nuclear technicians. Otherwise, nuclear power is the cleanest energy currently, the safest for the planet”, Mikhail Chudakov said. Mr Mikhail Chudakov, on Tuesday hosted a public lecture at Joseph KI-Zerbo University in Ouagadougou under the theme: “IAEA Assistance for a Sustainable Energy Future.” For Mr. Chudakov, nuclear energy is also the path indicated to achieve the country’s objectives in terms of zero carbon emissions by 2050. “There is nothing like this for a country like Burkina Faso which depends on fossil fuels that they do not produce. It is really the most appropriate energy to be able to initiate development,” he added. For the president of the Joseph KI-Zerbo University, Professor Jean-Francois Kobiané, the demystification of nuclear power requires training and capacity building for those involved in the field. He said, “One thing is to work to demystify all representations about nuclear power, another is to create a critical mass of skills to enable us to support politicians in this path in which our State is embarking, therefore to promote nuclear energy.” According to him, there are already initiatives underway in terms of training with the permanent secretariat of the national nuclear energy agency. In his opinion, nuclear power constitutes an opportunity and it is necessary for universities and the national center for scientific and technological research to come together to work on setting up training. For Professor Kobiané, there were discussions with the Deputy Director General with a view to creating an institute for nuclear energy research. “We are truly willing to explore avenues of this collaboration with the IAEA. But also, we have started discussions with the permanent secretariat at the national level to promote nuclear energy but above all to train skills”, he concluded. NB: X often ghost bans me almost any other day, even a few hours ago, and locks my account when I share news from the frontline. This is why I haven’t shared news from the frontline for a while. They hate the truth because it contradicts their propaganda about “insecurity” overtaking the Sahel. So, if you like the updates I give you, like and repost to spread the news. And if you want news from the AES in English, a different perspective from the mainstream media, then follow me, I’m your guy.


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