A calm obedient replies Emilokan follower accusing him of mocking the failure of Tinubu

You did not say this when Buhari was there. We understand you. You don’t love Nigeria more than all of us. Right now we cannot brag about what is happening in Nigeria. I have never witnessed a country that celebrate corruption.


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Speaking out against the ills perpetrated by politicians and their cronies and the corruption and injustice militating against the attainment of a just society does not amount to hating your country. It simply means we want a better country than what is currently the case where “Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress” shall reign.

We want a society where there is equity, justice and strict adherence to rule of law and the fundamental human rights are respected.

We love Nigeria, but we hate atrocities and anomalies thriving in Nigeria. We are anti- convention, the institution of corruption and the elevation of impunity must be dismantled.

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