A coastal country is soon to join the AES

When@alainfoka2005 asked@CapitaineIb226 whether the AES is viable, Captain answered and said, “You and I know very well that it is more than viable.” Well, we just received intel that a coastal country is soon to join our ranks. This is all we ever wanted given we are landlocked countries. I don’t wanna speculate even if Togo is the only country that is currently availing its port to us for imports and exports, despite the sanctions of@ecowas_cedeao. But here is the thing: if it’s a Francophone country that wants to join the AES, the first prerequisite must be that they have to cut completely their ties with the French, if not we they won’t be welcome into our midst. This is the only option, and there is no other way, because we want true independence and self determination…..Sy Marcus Herve Traore


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