Dec 2023:A scared Ghana appeals to USA for help as AES grows larger

When you see the President of the country (Ghana) that led the clarion call, ostensibly against the US, for reparations for Africa, at the United Nations, now calling for that same country (US) to return and help it fight off another “adversary” (Russia) that was invited by its own fellow ECOWAS nation, then one must begin to question what principles , if any , are there underpinning the existence of ECOWAS?


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And why has ECOWAS not able to prevent the persistent and systematic looting of ECOWAS member nations by the western powers all this time? Equally why has it not been able to end Islamic terrorism in the region all this time? This perhaps exposes its existence all along as nothing but perhaps a symbolic toga of Sub-Saharan African unity. Whereas it is in reality a cloak of western subterfuge created to serve western interests.

With the entrance of Russia on the military scene, and China on the economic front, has not the old Anglo-Saxon world order in Sub-Saharan Africa (the sponsors of ECOWAS?) already been replaced by a new one called the BRICS? And is not what is going on in Niger, Senegal, Mali , Burkina Faso, Chad etc (France being unceremoniously chased out of one country after another and being replaced by Russia) , just a rearguard attempt by the west to stave off the inevitability of an already lost empire?

The upshot of all this is that we can soon expect to see serious economic rumblings in the Eurozone with France perhaps on the verge of economic ruin with the scary consequent effect on the rest of the European Union, and also a run on the US dollar as each of these countries begins to sell its assets in its own currencies …

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