Senegalese president cancelled the election because he was afraid an anti French candidate will win

Senegal- Constitutional coup d’état just occurred. A few hours ago, @Macky_Sall announced on national television that he has postponed the forthcoming presidential election of February 25th until further notice. You see, from the beginning, this puppet leader wanted to do a third term, but when he realized that he will be met with fierce resistance from the people, he gave up that idea. So, he chose his own henchman who was to run to keep the country on France side. FYI, Macky Sall has tried repeatedly to kill @SonkoOfficiel the only candidate who has openly rejected the continuation of Françafrique. Sonko wants to abolish the CFA franc and demand the departure of the French military base in Dakar. Since then, France through their puppet Macky Sall has caused him all kinds of problems. He has collapsed many times in prison, and the constitutional council has rejected his candidacy and suspended his party. He has appealed to run for the presidency. Now, here we are, Macky Sall cancelled the election on his own will. Why? You see, some people don’t really know how nasty the Françafrique can be. The two strongholds of the françafrique in West Africa are Côte d’Ivoire and Senegal , and France is not willing to lose one of its remaining pillars in our region. Now, do you see why @CapitaineIb226 said that there are many putschists among @ecowas_cedeao? They kill their people who oppose them to remain in power, and ECOWAS doesn’t say nor do anything. Macky Sall killed some of the youth who protested against him, but ECOWAS didn’t do anything. But when it comes to the AES, we are the bad guys, because we decided that we will have nothing to do with France anymore. Macky Sall knows that if Sonko goes to the election, he will win because he has the popular support. This is why he postponed the election. Anyway, as Thomas Sankara used to say, “If we don’t fight to free ourselves, they will fight to keep us slaves for life.” So, I’m eager to see what the people of Senegal will do./Sy Marcus Herves Traore


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Ousmane Sonko

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