Its Time for France to leave us alone/Senegalese Opposition leader ,Sonko

Senegal – This is Ousmane Sonko


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the Presidential candidate of Pastef for the February 25th, 2024 election. I must say that I remember this press conference and it was in French, not in English. I guess someone might have used a wonderful translation system, but hey, I’m glad they did because I can share it with you . Btw, if you know any good app that can translate videos and speeches, please let me, as I still have more materials in French to share with you guys. So, back to Sonko, know that the young man is in prison. You know why ? Because the sellout President and French puppet


threw him in jail for false accusations. He even suspended Sonko’s party because he knows that nothing will prevent him from winning. The youth love Sonko. Unfortunately, Sonko collapsed due to his hunger strike, and was rushed to the hospital. He’s now recovering. See, Sonko was accused of rape, and while in court, the rape case was invalid and dismissed, but the court ended up condemning him for inciting insurrection. Smh! While he was in prison, the court condemned him and said that he’s not eligible for election. All this harassment and injustice was to prevent him from running for President, and they seem to have succeeded. So, my question to you is this: who is behind all this ?. Folks, it is FRANCE , plain and simple . For, the two pillars of the Françafrique in West Africa are Côte d’Ivoire and Senegal . And France is not willing to lose another of its strongholds to another revolutionary leader like Sonko. That’s why they are using their puppet


to do the dirty work. Macky Sall has killed many of our youth, but



are silent. Even at the UNGA last week, the Senegalese diaspora vividly protested him to the extent that Eric Adams, mayor of NYC had to cancelled the demonstrations. Anyway, please watch and repost the video for many to see, because you’ll understand why I say it’s France that is behind all this. Correct me if I’m wrong!/Sy Marcus herve Traore

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