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⁃ By Zackarys Gundu,
Professor of Archeology, Ahmadu Bello University, taking Nigeria through Facts and authentic HISTORY.

Fulani feudalism is real and it is why we cannot reason same way. What Islam means to FULANI is ‘OCCUPATION AND USURPATION OF THE CONQUERED BY FULANI OLIGARCHY KINGDOM’.
But what Islam means to others is Religion.

Beware of the two-headed snake!


  1. the Fulani MUST lead the prayer over Hausa or any other tribe.
  2. Fulani must be respected anywhere as the SHEHU even among the blind in Lagos or BORNU or KANO.
  3. Till date, the Fulani may take the sons of Hausa, castrate them and use them as domestic guard over his harem of women. No Nigerian Press has ever inquired into this.
  4. Till date, it is sacrilege for Hausa to raise his voice over or against Fulani man.
  5. Hausa man’s luck in anything must come from Fulani. Else, he is a SLAVE forever!.
  6. Every Fulani is encouraged to speak also Hausa but Hausas hardly learn Fulfude.
  7. Till date, FULANI claim the right to belong or rule any Northern State or territory.
  8. Till date, Hausa has no right to own land only as a tenant of the local chief. He must pay rents in form of produce every year!
  9. All Emirs are Fulani. Most Governors and Senators in Hausa populated territories are Fulani. Most ministerial and juicy appointments under the current government are systematically handed to people of Fulani extraction who are residing in different states in the North. Fulani would rather support Igbo or Yoruba for the office of President for fear of Hausa rising to position of power and influence that will alter the status quo. Fulani will never gamble with this.
  10. Before the conquest, Hausas were never Muslims. They had their cultures & traditions like us. But now, IT MUST BE FORGOTTEN mostly.
  11. The ease of inflicting strong archaic Sharia by the north is a ploy to retain the CHAIN over the Hausa.
  12. Those who chose to stay in the South most early are mostly Hausas, but a Fulani would soon come and colonize them as “Leader” or shehu. So, they lose their freedom mostly.
  13. Only few Hausas are able to escape totally and blend into other tribes through marriage etc.
  14. As such, CASTE system is being run in Nigeria by Fulani against the Hausa.
  15. When a Fulani starts a trade or business including transportation, wholesale of goods etc, ALL HIS EMPLOYEES are mostly Hausa who are regarded as slaves and dare not steal or refuse to labour cheaply. It is a sacrilege for an Hausa to rise against him in competition.
  16. When LAND & liberty is not inherited from your 3rd or more generation, do you still wonder the result of POVERTY among these Hausas rightly labelled as TALAKAWAS? It is a caste system.
  17. Each time you struggle for the NIGERIA project, the preoccupation of the Fulani is how to preserve the North from being snatched away from them.
  18. All your governmental apparatus mean nothing to Fulani. For example, you know very well how HAUSA is dying in silence under Fulani stranglehold.
  19. If Fulani perpetrates gargantuan political CRIMES over you, and you shout HAUSA????😗🙃 or at best Hausa/Fulani. It please them because that’s the name they coined to mask who they really are. It is now that people are waking up to these deceitful strangers.
  20. In psychology and sociology, MASTERS/CONQUERORS have no feelings for anything they do against their SLAVES! So, next time you see anyone gets away with dastardly acts, know that he is either a Fulani or working for Fulani interests.
  21. How to make it in Nigeria? Simple, put your head under Fulani oligarchies as Arisekola, Danjuma, Uzordimma, etc did. They will throw Nigeria’s money upon your laps. You will be blind to your environment and oppress your people to suit Fulani schemes. Thereafter they will ROB U OFF when they feel like!!!!🙃🙃
  22. By the time people like OBJ are gone, Yorubas will start to smell their true odour in hell fire. But if anyone expects that OBJ will support Yoruba race openly more than he has done, that will be a mistake.
  23. Greatest evil in Nigeria is that the entire Hausa race are oppressed without any ray of hope, yet others mostly from the south never know or care about their true identity and suffering.
  24. The greatest offence that Awolowo commited was not anything more than saying: “I will educate the TALAKAWAS” (Hausa “slaves”) and they will realise themselves and rise against you”. Jonathan joined in the mistake when he announced his Almajiris program!
  25. The only intermittent respite experienced in Nigerian political space is only when a Fulani Ally is fighting Fulani interests as in the case of Abacha against the Caliphate when he tried to change the oligarchical power and control in the North from Sultan of Sokoto to Shehu of Borno (of Kanuri tribe).
  26. You now know WHO & WHY THEY DO NOT WANT YOU TO STUDY HISTORY IN SCHOOLS AGAIN!!!! Nigerian Professors of History know more about Europe and America than Nigeria.
  27. You can now know why no one is encouraging the ALMAJIRIS to be educated and liberated. They are young slaves in the hand of a Fulani Imams who discourage them from going to school!!!😗😗
  28. Next time you see POVERTY in the North, take a good look around to also see that there’s an alhaji nearby in sprawling wealth! He OWNS them. This is how it works for them.
  29. What about the emerging powers of even the Normadic Fulani? Uthman Dan Fodio invited them from Futa Jalon in 1804 to fight the battle that conquered Sokoto. The allegiance remains that they protect the interests of one another. GREATER THREAT IS THAT CHILDREN OF NORMADIC FULANIS (Cattle rearers) NOW WANT TO SETTLE DOWN. The recent killings and land grabbings by Fulani herdsmen under the watchful eyes of the government is a pointer to this.
  30. One Nigeria project? Yes, its OK inasmuch as Fulani control is not jeopardized. Who do you think are the Forex traders? And their slaves abound to serve them.
  31. In as much as it enriches the Fulani your conquerors, how dare you expect Nigeria not to SELL her labours cheaply every week and NAIRA diminishes in value EVERY DAY since almost 30years ago!
  32. You now know WHAT LAW AGAINST HATE SPEECH IS ABOUT! Just like attempt to remove history from schools!
  33. Let your children know the NIGERIA they are born in and her political consequences. There’s nothing like RELIGIOUS consequences in Nigeria. (Know this). RELIGION as far as Fulani is concerned is a political tool of oligarchic and political control.
  34. You now know why Shehu Shagari, Shehu Kangiwa, Shehu Malami etc had to get modal opportunities, even at Barewa College. When next you want to liberate Nigeria from the Fulani, or cut away part of it, remember that FULANI is the owner, and has FOOT SOLDIERS!
  35. Fulani tool of oligarchy is rife: For example, ask yourself: HOW MANY FULANI died at the stadium trying to get employed in the Customs?
  36. How do Fulani get employment – since they don’t write application letters? Meditate on this. When you gain admission to NDA on quota basis for example, they retire as many others at the rank of major. Whosoever sails through has to do with whom he/she knows.
  37. Every Fulani is SPONSORED, but you sponsor yourself. So, know why you don’t try query him at work or try make him follow the rules.
  38. Every Fulani or their allies born outside Nigeria can come here to get more rights and privileges over YOU!
  39. Which customs officer will dare search a rich Fulani alhaji at the borders?
  40. There was one Alhaji Mandara in Sokoto in the ’70s, he trafficked petroleum products by the Sokoto -Illela axis. No customs officer dared stop his illegal fleet?
  41. I was classmate to as many of the Fulanis in the North. Till date, none of them is on the Alumni platform. They know we are not equals and we cannot understand. So, we continue to claim Oyibo certificates. They know who will get NNPC or CBN jobs. They know who will get Jumbo contracts to maintain Port Harcourt Refinery the way he likes not caring if it breaks down irretrievably due to non-challant maintenance? The answer is in Yoruba adage: “Ti ile kan ba n toro, omo ale ibe ni ko i dagba” (if a house is at peace, it is because the bastard there is not yet grown up).

Tell your children. Don’t let them continue to make noise over the Nigeria Project that is not working. It is simply because we come to roost with strange bed fellows.

So help us God!


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