Media Gag is ill timed,Focus should be on security/GNR

To shutdown opposing views when a country goes through one of the worst economic tensions in history, might even be as insensitive by leadership where such move is capable of suffocating the citizens. Do not shut the mouths of people who go through pain from also weeping.


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I feel whoever is behind is behind this move, does not wish PBAT well. It’s better to identity with the citizens who go thru pain. Give Nigerians security and hope, let us pull away every move that might be misconstrued as arrogance and suffocation.

If security is in place, not just for travelers but for farmers too, so many Nigerians would get back to farming. With the dwindling forex, over 200mill citizens can’t depend on imported food anymore. Different sectors of the economy revolves around security. Fix security first

Today we all watch how France and their allies were driven out of some francophone west-coast countries with so much solidarity from the citizens. The US opinion on this issue was immaterial and resisted because the citizens saw them as aiding and abetting their oppressors.

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