Youth hits at underdevelopment of Awka Etiti

Awka-Etiti has 7 villages. All the villages have at least one Arụsị. My village main Arụsị have 7, including wife and children. Awka-Etiti has 4 Catholic Churches, one Anglican Church, Grace Of God, Deeper Life, Chosen, Winners, Odozi Obodo and others. We have at least 2 brother and sister ministry na ewu ewu (trans : popular). We have 4 major Secondary Schools and at least 10 primary schools. We have zero industry, even nke na arụ water proof or pure water (not even Satchet water plant). There is no company that employs people in the whole of Awka Etiti. We go use prayers and sacrifices wound Chukwu OkikeAbiama and Amadioha. Thank God we no get any water body, our Mammywater for don born for one jobless villager by now. By Ifeanyi Ogbaji


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