Crisis of identity:Ecowas confused over which map to use

ECOWAS is being delusional!


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says that they are holding a Regional Meeting on The Establishment of Economic, Social and Cultural Council in West Africa. But then, they are using the first map t, meaning their map is the second one . What’s wrong with them? It is by force if we don’t want to be part of them? Hey you


listen, y’all need to stop this nonsense, because you’re being delusional. We told you that our decision to withdraw from your organization is irreversible. We are not coming back, alright? And how could we come back to an org that doesn’t belong to Africans anymore? We’re fighting war on terrorism that the imperialists imposed on us, and you want us to come back into that org where our same enemies are pulling the strings? Nah! Thank you! We’re good! We’ve had enough! You may keep your organization! Personally, I would never forget the day you brought in @NATO into your org, claiming that you signed a cooperation with this criminal org to fight against terrorism and climate change in the Gulf of Guinea. Sometimes, I asked myself what have Africans done to deserve such useless and incompetent leaders? NATO that killed millions of innocent civilians around the world, and you brought that criminal org into our doorsteps? Smh! NATO that created terrorism in our region in 2011 after destroying Libya , and the arms they pumped into that country for the rebels poured out into Niger , Mali and now Burkina Faso , wants to fight terrorism with us. What kind of hypocrisy is this? How can we solve this particular problem by counting on those who created it in the first place? This is why we Burkinabè were against former puppet President Roch Marc Christian KABORE who deep down knew France was behind the terrorist attacks, but he couldn’t say no to them, because he is too corrupt and they had him under their control. Same thing with traitor Paul Henry Sandaogo Damiba. So, we had to get rid of them. Anyway, as @CapitaineIb226 said, don’t expect to find your stolen object by calling on the one who stole it from you for help. You’ll never find that object. It’s common sense!

@ecowas_cedeao NATO is not interested into fighting terrorism, they are terrorists themselves, nor climate change. They are interested into laying their hands of the tremendous natural resources that are in the Gulf of Guinea. Some of us are not ignorant of their real intentions and motives. They have been eyeing our region for decades for this particular reason: to lay their hands on the raw materials and to control them. They want it to be their Exclusive Economic Zone (EZZ). So, I’m calling for this useless org to be disbanded. They have failed and betrayed us!

Via Sy Marcus Herve Traore

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