Regional vigilante arrives Enugu to prevent forced RUGA (video)

Breaking News! “In response to the security concerns in Enugu state, IPOB has initiated the deployment of an Eastern Security Network (ESN). This action aims to address the challenges posed by Fulani extremist activities and the proposed establishment of a RUGA settlement by Governor


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@PNMbah. The decision to deploy this network reflects the urgent appeals from the people of Enugu for protection against such threats. We remain steadfast in our commitment to safeguard every part of Biafraland from violent incursions by extremist elements. We call upon

@PNMbah to promptly reconsider any plans that may compromise the security of the Enugu populace. Our paramount duty is to ensure the safety of our people, and we are resolute in fulfilling this obligation. It is important to clarify that we do not harbour terrorists; rather, we believe in divine justice for such individuals. Any suspicious activity in the region will be dealt with decisively” IPOB Liverpool Central 22/02/2023

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