Fulani terrorists threaten Burkina Faso and leader Traore (video)

A bunch of terrorists made a live video on February 21th, 2024 threatening all the Burkinabè and


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. They said that in the name of Allah, that they will destroy Burkina Faso because Captain is the Satan who wants to destroy “God’s work” . So, if Captain is wiping out their companions like crazy, he’s actually hindering “God’s work”? Well, in that case, we’re clearly not worshipping the same God. Anyway, this is not the first time these useless idiots have made empty threats. These are kicks of a dying horse. They can’t do anything except killing innocent people. Anytime they come out to threaten Captain, it means that they are panicking because, Ibrahim Traore is really not playing these Fulani thugs. They are not even many. Let them raise enough men, we will wipe them out! Long live


! A luta continua!..By Sy Marcus Herve Traore

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