After Qatar Snub:Nigeria snubbed as Saudi Arabia announces visa-free Lesser Hajj for UK and others

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has snubbed Nigeria as it announced that citizens from the United Kingdom and others can now perform Lesser Hajj (Umrah) without the requirement of obtaining a visa.


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According to the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, aside from the UK, people from Europe, and the US can now do Umrah without needing a visa.

This initiative is part of Saudi Arabia’s ongoing efforts to enhance the pilgrimage experience and streamline the process for Umrah performers. It aligns with the goals outlined in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, aiming to enrich the cultural and religious experience for pilgrims.

However, no African country is eligible under the new policy including Nigeria which has a 99 million Muslim population – the highest in Africa, according to Statista.

Under the new regulations, eligible individuals planning to perform Umrah have the flexibility to arrange their pilgrimage using the Nusk app or make on-the-spot arrangements upon their arrival, providing added convenience and ease.

Moreover, in a bid to further facilitate travel, the Kingdom has expanded its visa-on-arrival options for residents of these regions. The update now extends to include first-degree relatives of the visa holder, whether their purpose is for religious or tourism activities.

Additionally, Saudi Arabia has extended the opportunity to undertake Umrah to transit visa holders traveling via Saudi airlines, making the journey even more accessible for Muslims seeking to embark on this sacred pilgrimage.

Saudi Arabia, a Middle Eastern nation, is known for its rich cultural heritage and Islamic landmarks.

With a population exceeding 34 million, key destinations include the capital Riyadh, the vibrant coastal city Jeddah, and the historic city of Mecca, home to the Islamic holy site Kaaba.

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