Ecowas said that they are solidifying partnership with the EU to “Enhance Peace, Security, and Integration in West Africa.”..Ecowas will never learn/Sy Marcus Herve Traore


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ECOWAS at it again! These people never learn!

@ecowas_cedeao said that they are solidifying partnership with the European Union to “Enhance Peace, Security, and Integration in West Africa.” Folks, what is wrong with these Africans? Please can someone tell me what is in their heads? Are they incapable of thinking on their own? If they can’t reflect on their own, then they don’t need to be there. How many times have we denounced ECOWAS allowing Europeans into our meetings? Have you ever seen an African representative, delegate invited into an EU summit to talk about Europe security?

@AbdoulayeDiop8 this is what you have been complaining about. Yes, they come to our meetings because we allow them. But when we ask them to invite us too, they say it’s not in the agenda. I have this before, ECOWAS doesn’t belong to Africans anymore. It has been hijacked and it’s currently colluding with our worst enemies. I will tell you what this meeting is all about. This is not about a partnership to enhance peace, security and integration in West Africa. This is a

@NATO scheme to sabotage the AES. The EU is still mad that they lost free and cheap uranium from Niger

. According to Reuters, “Niger was the second-largest supplier of natural uranium to the European Union (EU) in 2022, delivering 2,975 tonnes of elemental uranium (tU). This is 25.4% of the EU’s supplies.” Do you see it now? I told you NATO has been coveting the Gulf of Guinea for decades, and if they can’t have it, they will do everything to destabilize us. But these old fools within ECOWAS don’t seem to not see the danger lurking when they brought in such a terrorist organization into our doorsteps. I am write this with pain, because African leaders as always are truly our ambassadors of poverty and our curse.


@CapitaineIb226 and General Abdourahamane Tiani, thank you so much for withdrawing us from this useless organization that is openly working against Africans. And please




@Colonel_Maiga keep an eye on all EU diplomatic missions in the AES. They may start playing schemes and tricks in the coming days! Let’s not be naive! Europe can never help Africa, never! If they didn’t do it in 700 years, what makes you think they will do it now? They themselves are not even thinking about it, only Africa puppet leaders think or believe so. So, let’s stop this nonsense and call out the sellouts and traitors who are allowing them to continue their plunder of our dear continent! Mr President

@officialABAT, when you said that you urge us to reconsider our decision not to withdraw but to come back to the org, and not to see you as the enemy, because you are not the enemy, do you see how comprised you guys are, and you expect us to come back into this? No, thank you Sir! You may keep your organization! We are not interested!

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