How the French tax francophone WA into poverty/Sy Marcus Herve Traore

Cameroon – The French colonial tax treaty is still active. When I covered the 600+ French companies (some documents say 1000+) in Côte d’Ivoire , someone asked me to look into the case of Cameroon. Well, there is indeed a tax treaty that was signed between France and Cameroon on October 21st, 1976. It’s not a surprise, because the françafrique uses the same modus operandi everywhere. As a reminder, this tax treaty is to avoid the double taxation on both sides, meaning all the French companies working in Cameroon will be paying their taxes in France , and all the Cameroonian companies working in France will be paying their taxes in Cameroon. It seems cool isn’t it? Except that, for the most part, the government of Cameroon doesn’t really have companies in France except maybe a public industrial and commercial institution called BUSINESSFRANCE. In the contrary, France has over 200 companies in Cameroon , in all sectors of activity, oil, wood, construction, distribution, banking, transport, etc. So, “French interests are present in all sectors of the Cameroonian economy,” the House of French Abroad (MFE), attached to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. So what does that tell you? It tells you that Cameroon is being duped, rigged, scammed or plundered just like the other 10 Francophone countries that are still operating on this colonial tax treaty. That’s a damn scheme! Like I said before, it was Burkina Faso under@CapitaineIb226


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who firstly got rid of this treaty, then Mali and Niger under@GoitaAssimiand General Abdourahamane Tiani jointly denounced this biased system. So, in conclusion, apart from the AES, the remaining 11 Francophone countries are still voluntarily accepting the economic oppression and repression by France . Talk about Africans who gladly accepted modern slavery? Look no further! Go to Francophone countries! They are the most alienated, complexed and corrupt countries in Africa. No wonder they are all classified among the highly indebted poor countries in the world, even though they have tremendous natural resources. We are led by fools!

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