Wole Soyinka,Tinubu and the crisis of consent/A take

In a recent interview Professor Wole Soyinka  (PWS) was reported to have said if we could not find a solution to the nations crises..its better to go separate ways.


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The first thing that hits one is the question…when did PWS change?
 here was  a man who spent more than ¾ of the Civil war period in jail because he was against what he termed as genocide against Ndigbo

Between the post civil war period till 2023..PWS was anti govt.Within this period in a genuine determination to re engineer the society..he founded two youth groups palmwine club and pyrates fraternity.

One was to appreciate the Nigerian culture and the other was to checkmate the excesses in the higher institution. That one of the groups is now a contender with Boko Haram in wasting human lives is regretted but he cannot be held responsible for it.

However in 2023 when by zonal agreement the presidency was to come to south…PWS took an ethnic position. He stood against Peter Obi even though the youth he founded group (pyrates)  wanted a younger Peter Obi against Bola Tinubu.

9 months into power..Tinubus team has become a celebrated failure and his followers are taking the easiest turn..blame others.Recently the call became that of secession from the nation.A call heeded also by the north.

The cross road is this..can Nigerians make sacrifices on the request of Tinubu.Can Nigerians like the housewives of India in 1962 offer their golden trinkets to be melted to help Jawahar lal Nehru fight China?

The answer is a stark NO..Tinubu has not the charisma or dynamism to confront the problems we have now.So the common ethnic answer is separation

Separation is flight..flight from who…the neglected igbos etc?

Govt is run on consent,so you can have a popular and legitimate government without election.happenings in AES (Niger,Mali,Burkina Faso) states have proven this.

Government is also an aggregation of powers for the benefit of the common man.When government becomes a threat to the existence of the citizens it is of no use…and has to be brought down.Its thos realization that he may have backed the wrong horse that disturbs PWS and not any major hatred for any tribe.

The major issue that disturbs most of us who are against splitting the nation is this…does this process if possible guarantee a better life for the citizens.in the case of PWS region…what is the geographical area that is called even called yoriuba land?is it united beyond a common hatred for other tribes..

The average Yoruba realizes that its strength is in Lagos and economically Lagos is in the hands of Non yorubas.It will be suicidal for Yorubas to think of allowing mass exodus of any tribe

I urge all Igbo youths to ignore PWS as age is beginning to tell on him.I urge suportters of Tinubu to seek consent through super performance and not to toy with the consent of division.

I come in peace

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